In this course of the Enneagram Learning Portal, you can learn about the Enneagram’s history, the 9 types in detail, the foundational theories of the Enneagram, and the 27 Enneagram subtypes. In addition, if your interest is in more accurate typing or increasing self-mastery, self-development and personal transformations with the Enneagram, you’ll find numerous topics to help you do all that. With a wide variety of dynamic slide shows, multiple videos, and quizzes throughout, you can first learn and then test your knowledge and get instant feedback. This course is designed to keep you stimulated and engaged, but also to support your learning and retention. Start with the history or just go to the topics of your choice.

Topic Areas

9 Enneagram types
9 Ego structures
Type panel videos
Centers of Intelligence
Wings and arrows
Fixations and passions
Defense mechanisms
Enneagram geometry
Invisible triangles
27 Enneagram subtypes
Subtype theory
Subtype infographics
Subtype panel videos
Typing methods
Differentiating questions
Questions to confirm type
Centers of Intelligence and typing
Verbal and nonverbal typing factors
Enneagram triads
Type overlays
Self-mastery model
Self-mastery levels by type
Core development areas
Somatic development by Centers
Somatic development by type
Subtype-based development
Development planning
Mental and emotional transformations
Development panel videos

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