Wings and arrows

Wings and arrows

Enneagram Wings | Wings are the Enneagram types on each side of your actual Enneagram type. These are secondary types of your core type, which means that you may also display some of the characteristics of these Enneagram types. Wings do not fundamentally change your Enneagram type; they merely add additional qualities to your core type. As can be seen on the Enneagram symbol, Nine and Two are wings for Ones, One and Three are wings for Twos, Two and Four are wings for Threes, and so forth.

You may have one wing, two wings, or no wings at all. It is also common to have had one wing be more active when you were younger, and to have had another appear as you matured. People of the same Enneagram type and identical wings may use their wing qualities differently. However, the general wing descriptions for all nine Enneagram types given here may serve as guidelines to help you explore this aspect of the Enneagram.

Enneagram Arrows | Arrow lines refer to the two types on the Enneagram symbol that have arrows pointing away from or toward your core Enneagram type, and you may show some characteristics of one or both of these two additional types. Access to your arrow lines can be beneficial to you, providing you with more complexity, nuance, and flexibility, but they do not change your fundamental type – that is, your patterns of thinking and feeling and motivational structure remain the same. You may have strong links to one arrow number, both arrow numbers, or neither arrow number. People of the same Enneagram type who have strong links to their arrow numbers may use these arrow qualities quite differently.

In the middle of each slide, you’ll see two arrow points. Pull each point to the right or left and see what’s underneath.

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