With an abundance of important organizational applications of the Enneagram, you’ll learn and enjoy crucial topics such as communication; conflict; decision making; diversity; EQ (Emotional Intelligence); feedback; interactions and relationships; authority, power and influence; leadership; motivation; sales; stress; and teams. Each of these robust topics includes useful models, type-based development tips, illustrated slide shows, quizzes with instant feedback, downloads, and great interactions. Make sure to go to the “Interactions at work matrix” under Interactions and Relationships where you can find out how to best engage with others at work, whether these interactions involve peers, bosses and employees, or the performance review.

Topic Areas

Communication style model
Type-based speaking style videos
Type-based body language videos
Type-based blind spots
Type-based listening
How to be better understood by type
Type, emails and social media
How the 9 types perceive communication
Pinch-crunch conflict
How to identify type-based pinch behaviors
How to reduce your conflict-related reactivity
How to prevent conflict with each type
How to approach each type in a conflict
Conflict at work type panel videos
How the 9 types perceive conflict
Decision making
Decision making through the Centers
3 questions for better decisions | Centers
Decision-making with the Enneagram map | wings + arrows
How the 9 types perceive decision-making
What is diversity?
Rank and privilege
Embracing diversity | reducing prejudice
Emotional intelligence
What is emotional intelligence?
Centers of Intelligence and feeling groups
Feeling groups and intensity levels
Type-based emotional patterns
Feedback formula
Giving feedback to each type
Giving feedback | strengths + development areas by type
Enhance receptivity to feedback
How the 9 types perceive giving feedback
Interactions and relationships
Interactions at work matrix
Interactions video
How the 9 types perceive interactions
Type and relationships
Centers of Intelligence relationship insights
Harmonic triads in relationships
Great and terrible leaders
Best leaders for each type videos
The 9 leadership styles
Leadership case studies | head center types 5, 6 and 7
Leadership case studies | heart center types 2, 3 and 4
Leadership case studies | body center types 8, 9 and 1
Drive for results competency
Strive for self-mastery competency
Know the business | think & act strategically competency
Become an excellent communicator competency
Lead high-performing teams competency
Make optimal decisions competency
Take charge of change competency
Servant leadership and the Enneagram
Leaders’ bookshelf slideshow
How the 9 types perceive leadership
Motivation factors by type
Motivation type panel videos
Power, authority and influence
Power, authority and influence
Inner authority
Relationship to authority figures
Selling and receptivity to feedback
Customer preferences by type
How the 9 types perceive how to sell
Type-based stress factors
Type behavior when stressed
Reduce stress through breath work
Reduce stress through self-reflective questioning
What is a team?
Team goals
Team interdependence
Team roles
Stages of team development
Team maps
How the 9 types perceive teams

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