This section of the Enneagram Learning Portal, specifically designed for trainers, coaches and consultants, contains visual slide shows, quizzes with instant feedback, and videos. In training, there’s theory and practice on Enneagram training competencies, neuroscience, presentation and facilitation skills, training methodologies, what each type wants in a trainer, and trainer skill development. Coaching includes coaching competencies, coaching methodologies, Enneagram-based coaching techniques, and coach development. Consulting includes consulting roles, the consulting process, a case study, and a Johari window for each type. You can go to the professional area of your choice and follow each topic sequentially or go to the topics of your choice.

Topic Areas

Trainer competencies
Neuroscience and learning
3 modes of learning
Learning pyramid
Training methodologies
How to teach type
Training greatness | presentation
Training greatness | facilitation
What participants want video
Trainer strengths and development
Best organizational applications of the Enneagram
What is coaching?
Coaching competencies
Creating coaching goals
Short-term coaching
Long-term coaching
Crisis coaching
Career coaching
Coaching wisdom model
Type-targeted coaching techniques
Head center clients | self-mastery level coaching
Heart center clients | self-mastery level coaching
Body center clients | self-mastery level coaching
Mental model coaching
Emotion-based coaching
Somatic-based coaching
Client | using a coaching relationship for development
Coach | using a coaching relationship for development
Coach development
What is consulting?
Consulting roles
Consulting competencies
6-C consulting model
Case study
Johari window
Consulting strengths and development
Consulting bibliography
Training tool activities
Change training activities
Communication training activities
Conflict training activities
Decision making training activities
Drive for results training activities
Enneagram typing training activities
Feedback training activities
Leadership training activities
Self-mastery training activities
Strategy training activities
Stress training activities
Team training activities
Transformation and growth training activities

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